With the first full-term drawing to a close since face-to-face Scouting it has allowed us to reflect on the 18 months partaking in Scouting online, not being able to meet as a group and enjoy each others company. We have had many scouts leave during the pandemic because of their age and we didn’t get a chance to give them a proper send-off. Of course, we had meetings online to try and keep everyone’s morale up. However, this term we have been back stronger and better than before, meeting in our new hall, bringing new activities in and having many new members join us. It has been amazing. To end the term we had a great beaver and cub party where we also sold some arts and crafts that the young people and leaders had made, the beavers and Cubs seem to be enjoying their new group and the scouts have grown closer together since being back and we can’t wait to welcome them all back again after Christmas.

Here are a few photos from our Beavers and Cubs party last week.